Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sha la la la la la la

'Cause down the shore everything's all right,
You and your baby on a Saturday night,
You know all my dreams come true
When i'm walking down the street with you

-Bruce Springsteen, Jersey Girl

Monday, 15 February 2010

de Felipe Alvarez de Toledo

Sentado aquí, en el lecho de mi muerte,
Observando el inmenso mar,
Con un pasaje intransferible, no retornable,
Miro un cadaver por crear.

El barquero nos llama a bordo,
¿Adonde vamos? - Decido preguntar -
¿Podría haber elegido otro destino?
Responde él: Los destinos se forjan al andar,

Este es un barco con rumbo desconocido;
Su tripulación, lista está
Para enfrentarse al vacío,
Asi que, ¡Desplegad las velas, las anclas, izad!

Entonces zarpamos, decididos
A enfrentarnos a lo desconocido,
Pues todo lo conocido de este mundo
No desaparecerá.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

"I'll sing to you of silver swans,
of kingdoms and carillons.
I'll sing of bodies intertwined
underneath an innocent sky."


Friday, 12 February 2010

by Felipe Alvarez de Toledo

The Syrian trees are speckled with apples,
And you see shades of green and white;
Through the leaves
Spills yellow light.

You feel Impressionist,
Under the eaves
Of a train station flooded with light
Reflected in paint;

Hall through hall,
You see the mottled colours prance
Of a Pissarro or Dancing Degas,
Monet or Manet or Cezanne,

And then Toulouse-Lautrec shows you the night
Of cabaret and caricatures
Composed of lines and light,

And now you are back in an orchard,
Travelling in a car, misplaced,
And the sun shines, through the leaves of trees,
And dances on your face.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Timetravel :)

Camwhoreing at grandma's

With papá at the beach

Still camwhoreing

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Me preguntan quién me ha influenciado en la vida

de Felipe Alvarez de Toledo

Me preguntan quién me ha influenciado en la vida,
Y que lo encuadre para que todo el mundo lo vea,
Esperando que deletree cuatro personas que me han querido,
Pero creo que influencia todo conocido-
Toda familia que te cuida en su seno, todo extraño
Que una puerta un día te haya abierto, todo amigo
Que te quiera, quería o que alguna vez hayas querido,
Hasta esa persona que conociste en sueño-
Y quíen sabe, quizás quepa, pero que yo sepa,
Por mi vida ha pasado demasiada gente que yo quiero.

(Para mi half-page en yearbook)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

On the Wings of Winged Victory

by Felipe Alvarez de Toledo

The Goddess Nike watches over us
As we stomp our way through town
On the Wings of winged victory;
See the lights flash above us?

Our path leaves a trace in the concrete,
A yarn that is tracing our steps,
Yet none of these steps we'll repeat,
And soon we'll wonder
How far we had leapt.

Well, to make it this far is a gargantuan feat--
The sparkling drinks, the shining smiles
Are all rendered at Our feet--
We've travelled for miles;

So let us Sing, let us Dance, let us Play,
Let us think ourselves Gods on the street--
For tonight we shall sleep in defeat
And return to inescapable day.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


by Felipe Alvarez de Toledo

I like to Feel my protruding sternum
Feel my deformed chest
Repeat and retract
All I’ve said,
Admire the spot
On my finger, purple,
Where Mother
Slammed a car door
When I was little and ran
‘Til I felt no more;

I like to run my hands
Over the hard jags
On my canines,
Where Iron used to be,
Chipping any Nails
That try to remove them,
And then I remember
That chipped tooth,
From Middle School,
Which broke once
Until we realized it had no fix,
And just removed
It, and some forgot
But it is different.