Monday, 20 May 2013

Canadian Photo Extravaganza: Various

Disclaimer:  unless I state otherwise, these photos are not by me (but by Aggie Lorenc, most likely).

The first day

Alex (I love this picture)

Andy and I
Chocolate shop in the Distillery District

Inside a sculpture at the AGO

Andy's Masquerade Ball

Bowling on Alex' birthday
Dragon eggs!
With Jamie Lannister at the GOT exhibition.
Iron throne
Green gin tonic on Saint Patty's :)


Dragata Dragenc

Alexandra the Great

Felipe Batvarez

The end!

Snakes and Lattes
Cards against humanity
Outside Trinity

One more Diner

Poutine tribute to end the series :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Canadian Photo Extravaganza: Sunset Morning and Sneaky Dee's

Tributo a Tim Horton's

Elvis, get that pelvis far from me!

Squirrel encounters of the pokemon kind (steer clear of long grass)

The village

Me lo terminé pidiendo en mi último día.

Tributo a Sneaky Dee's

Canadian Photo Extravaganza: Sunrise with Aggie

Photo by Agata Lorenc (Jealous!)