Saturday, 5 June 2010

by Felipe Alvarez de Toledo

Today I was given my wings,
I bat them like soft eyelashes.
They shine, they're such beautiful things;
They glow like little girls' sashes.

They are just a caleidoscope,
Refracting golden rays of light;
Shimmering in the day,
And glowing in the night.

The Sun moves its way through my wings;
Translucent, the purest of things,
And though I won't have them for long,
Short love doesn't mean it's less strong,

So, I see nothing quite as grand
As posing gently on my stand,
Trying to look as glad as I can,
Liking the feel of my wingspan.

The birds, through the forest they sing
Of my newfound, iridescent wings.
Their voice, oh the Joy it does bring,
For once, I do feel like a King,

So I start to voice along,
Joining in with their happy song,
And I muster all my might,
Jumping up and taking flight.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

by Felipe Alvarez de Toledo

Dive into a sea of blue,
Deeper, let it grow dark.
Deeper, let the water surround you,
Deeper, deeper, let it soak you through.

Dive, away from the light.
In your brain, nitrogen sparks,
Until it becomes dark as night.
Further, further, lose your eyesight.

It isn’t frightening.

More like a blanket,
Wrapped around you by your Mom,
The woman whose hair you would comb,
The woman who held you in her womb;

Bubbles morph, up and away,
But there you stay,
Like a sinking stone,
Lying alone in a green and black zone…

Swim far down,
And when you can’t take it anymore,
Come back;

See sunlight erupt.
Let your inert body
Lap it all up.