Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Two Large Quotes and One Smaller, 'Cause I finished a great book

"They walked together for a while. Then the man turned to the angel and said, 'All right, now I have to admit that angels exist. But you don't exist in reality, like us.' 'What do you mean by that?' asked the angel. So the man answered, ' When we came to that big rock, I had to go around it, but I noticed that you just glided through it. And when we came to that huge log that lay across the path, I had to climb over it while you walked straight through it.' The angel was very surprised, and said 'Didn't you also notice that we took a path that led through a marsh? We both waled right through the mist. That was because we were more solid than the mist.' "


The major put his arm around Hilde.
"Do you hear the mysterious play of the waves?"
"Yes. We must get the boat in the water tomorrow."
"But do you hear the strange whispering of the wind? Look how the aspen leaves are trembling."
"The planet is alive, you know..."
"You wrote that there was something between the lines."
"I did?"
"Perhaps there is something between the lines in this garden too."
"Nature is full of enigmas. But we are talking about stars in the sky."
"Soon there will be stars on the water."
"That's right. That's what you used to say about phosphorescence when you were little. And in a sense you were right. Phosphorescence and all other organisms are made of elements that were once blended together in a star."
"Us too?"
"Yes, we too are stardust."
"That was beautifully put."


"Spirit can pass through steel doors. No tanks or bombers can crush anything that is of spirit."

-All from Sophie's World.


Cherie Cherie said...

me gusto mucho la segunda :)
no hablo con vos hace miiill
no te me desaparezcas en tu mundo en barce,.


Francheska said...

I love that bookkkk!!!!!!!!!
Seriously amazing quotes

Ami said...

pense que habia pasado aca...
me gustaron las quotes
ly forever and always

Like Kafka On Prozac. said...

uh, lo tengo que leer a ese libro hace bocha de tiempo o:
je t'aime <3