Friday, 2 April 2010

Waiting, on the Edge

by Felipe Alvarez de Toledo

As a child I was scared of Growing Up,
But the days flew by and things just changed.
Now there's no choice, time's up,
My heart throbs, hiperactive, life's rearranged.

During those Spanish Summers by the pool
When bats would swoop in to drink at night,
I'd live, far from routine and school
I'd dive into the deep end, without fright;

Now I find myself staring down at a deep sea
On a diving board, and time's at its end.
I do not have a choice, so I count to three:
I know I must try, I must try to descend

And jump, without the excuse of being a kid
For any mistakes that I may commit.
Now I walk the plank, and soon I shall dive
Into the vast empty space that will be my life.

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