Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Marilyn Monroe

Okay, so the days are now much better than Sunday - Monday (haha okay, I see my depression period was short). Well, today I just have one question. Seeing as how popular my last entries were--0 comments, thank you-- I would like some responses... Well, you do know my obsession with golden age movie stars. Sorry for the cliché topic and person.

Now, do you think
It would be worth it
To give up your name, your hair, your eyes, your face, just erase yourself, to go from Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe?

I haven't thought about this in a long time (seeing as my obsession with becoming a legend is mostly smothered by now), but I don't know. You would live a damned life, but it would be beautiful. And who cares about how you feel, you don't live forever! But the memory of you does, and that would be one of perfection. Yet again, people wouldn't remember you, they'd just remember that image (although that will happen even with your true persona, but the image you're remembered by each person will be more like your true self).

Ah, the beautiful and the damned.


Unknown said...

prefiero ser marilyn

Johanna said...

well, marilyn manroe still kept her real name, norma jean, many of her lovers called her by that name and knew her by that name. However, her producers, photographers and writers all knew her by marilyn manroe, which kind of gives her two personalities. Her one personality that was rememebered by her many lovers and her other personality rememebered by hollywood. So, really, she was remembered twice, you know what i mean? She might've have given up her hair, but her eyes were her real eyes all along. And i think it was worth it since so many things connected to Norma Jeane hurt, so by becoming marilyn, the pain eased a little. (this is all based on my knowledge after reading a really good and accurate autobiography of her life, i think it was called blonde, if you have a chance you should read it.)

oh and also, i always read your blogs, i just don't always comment, so they're still very popular :D

Ami said...