Thursday, 20 November 2008

Here Comes the Sun.

Estoy muerto; igualmente saldre a cenar hoy, a un restaurante indonesio en Plaça Catalunya. A ver a una amiga que visita, y que se ira el domingo.
Good food, good friends, I'll have a good time.
Even so, I have a lot on my mind, as always... But I'm much better, really.
No se, physical evidence may deny it but I think I'm better.
As always, I feel like an idiot; but now I'm more hopeful?
Or maybe not. I'm still really sad...
Necesito una larga caminata a solas.


Ami said...

Ajajajaj mentira.
Estas en un buen lugar. Conozco el sentimiento. Te prometo que todo va a mejorar, solo tenes que remarla. Te quiero Felip! Have fun tonight.

Anonymous said...

why didnt you take your long beach walk in cascaisss?
like you said you would

oh and btw how the dr. lector and clarice story going.