Saturday, 22 November 2008

Talking on a chilly autumn night.

SN: Yeah, that's what I was saying before... I'm not sure I've done everything I needed to do in this visit. I've seen some people enough, like -----; okay, she's my friend pero I don't plan on being so close to her. And ----, I slept over at her house and we were able to talk so I had enough time to be with her.

(It was 9:30, dark already, chilly, and everyone had left. We had stopped by Pans for a second to get a drink, and were sitting down on a bench, finally having the one-on-one time we had planned for.)

SN: But then, Felii!, you and ------, I don't feel I had enough time with you guys! Well, with ------ I think it was just right. We were able to talk and enjoy and-

FA: Yeah, and maybe too much time would have been bad for you both.

SN: No, I don't think so... Yeah, but the time was perfect, I think. Yes, it was perfect. But with you we never had that Feli and Shai time we were looking forward to! I just feel that we could have done so much more.

FA: But it's been like this since the beginning, we've never had enough time to enjoy our friendship. I dunno, since we met it's been the same.

SN: Yeah... I'll visit again, though, Feli. And you have to promise me that you'll come to Israel!

FA: Of course I shall, Shai.

(We momentarily debated plane ticket prices.)

FA: Yeah, we've got all our lives to be friends.

Dedicated to a great friend who just visited and who gave me a wonderful conversation, as short as it may have been.

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Ami said...

ay ay ay ay ay esto es una ternura
me encanto esta conversacion
parece salida de una pelicula o algo