Monday, 10 November 2008

Just a Perfect day

Just want to say that what I miss most at this moment is someone to talk to, that can give me support, or just listen.

I've been missing that 'friend' figure for a really long time, and I feel that lately I'm not taken seriously by anyone.

No adequate responses are formulated, and sometimes no response is needed! I don't want a forced answer when you can just give a hug.

I despise this. And I hate the fact that adults just consider us 'hormonal adolescents'. Pardon me if you're cold, boring adults. Keep your judgement to yourself. Experience is not always the key ingredient to wisdom. What bothers me most is that I might think likewise in a few years.
I hope I don't lose the last bit of fiery spirit I have left.

Though lately I feel that due to the lack of any support, it is slowly dwindling.

Thank you for listening.

Just a perfect day,
you made me forget myself
I thought I was someone else,
Someone good...

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Ami said...

Felipe me pone muy mal leer esto, porque parece que cada conversacion que tenemos te tengo que reafirmar el hecho de que siempre estoy para lo que sea. Es cursi y la frase esta re quemada, pero es verdad, sos mi mejor amigo y te valoro antes de miles de personas, sos muy importante para mi y te quiero mucho. Es feo lo que te esta pasando y por favor sabelo que estoy para lo que necesites, siempre. Ya va a pasar, ya veras, things will get better!
I'm here for you the same way you are always here for me :')

Aca te mando 1092486203476203760234020mil e-hugs.