Wednesday, 3 June 2009


New/ Repentant bloggers/ ex-bloggers.

Note: Gonna be busy these two weeks, so probably no posts. Final exams and IB stuff. However, afterwards my blog will be a party (I might even whore it out).

Bueno best wishes to all.

I'm in love with Gia Carangi...
(Just because I saw Ale's blog).

And also Molly Ringwald.

And Adriana Lima

And this lady in an advertisement.

Haha, excess hormones...


Jamie Wang said...

hahahaah. the hormone thing.
what was the dream again.
and this one is somewhat dedicated to me. although i dont know if im an ex blogger or repentant blogger.

Noa Zelman said...

yuhu, i guess im a new blogger :)
me vas a tener que ayudar en este mundo flippers. it's confusing.

violeta c said...

qué liiiinda luz la de las fotos anteriores .

Ami said...

como si tu blog fuese active anyway ;)
ily you know thattt