Sunday, 19 July 2009


I am back from my trip to France, with five camera rolls to develop (we'll see how the pictures turn out). I had a great time, and think I'll be going back there, at least to visit. Maybe to live for a while. It's an amazing place, and my grandfather is probably right when he says that it is "sin duda, la ciudad mas hermosa del mundo" ("without doubt, the most beautiful city in the world"). He used to live there as a university student on a grant, and also later on as a newlywed couple with my grandmother, I believe for a year. Interestingly enough, I believe they saw Ingrid Bergman when they were there, and they refer to her as a 'horse of a woman'.
Check my previous post to see what my trip was about.

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Cristian Domínguez. said...

me acuerdo hace años cuando me habías comentado lo de ingrid bergman.
una cara preciosa, pero siempre sentí que tiene una espalda más grande que... no sé, que alguien con una espalda muy grande.
muy copada tu visita a francia.