Monday, 20 July 2009

Bye Bye, Blackbird

"That was his most perfect idea of heaven's happiness: mine was rocking in a rustling green tree, with a west wind blowing, and bright white clouds flitting rapidly above; and not only larks, but throstles, and blackbirds, and linnets, and cuckoos pouring out music on every side, and the moors seen at a distance, broken into cool, dusky dells; but close by great swells of long grass undulating in waves to the breeze; and woods and sounding water, and the whole world awake and wild with joy. He wanted all to lie in an ecstasy of peace; I wanted all to sparkle and dance in a glorious jubilee."

- Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights



Ami said...

te quiero

Cristian Domínguez. said...

cumbres borrascosas. creo que es la única novela de emily bronte.
en el cole el año pasado nos hicieron leer jane eyre, de charlotte, y la tengo que volver a leer para cambridge.
hay una película,no?

Unknown said...


mi conocimiento bronte termina en jane eyre, que leí 2 veces y voy por una tercera (igual detesto el libro)

leslie said...

tengo que leer cosas de emily. leí de charlotte pero de emily nada! un saludo me gustó tu blog