Friday, 3 July 2009

Spending warm Summer days indoors...

Well, this shall prossibly be my last post before heading to la France. My plans until the next post are: spend tomorrow with Jamie, do lots of stuff. Then Sunday, a barbeque, and Monday off across the border, by car. We shall then stop at some friends' chateau 2 hours away from Paris for three or four days, and there are high hopes there for a beautiful country house with (I pray) a pool. Thing is last Summer we went to the same friends' country house in Portugal, and it was amazing, an old 3-floor mansion in a small lonely town. I took some beautiful pictures. So I'm hoping they have some of the same thing happening up in the land of 'la liberté'.
After those days in the country house, we shall hit Paris, the city of lights. Apparently our apartment is in a really good neighbourhood, so I expect a lot of walks and a lot of good photos. Sad thing is it's gonna be hot, for some reason I imagine Paris windy with autumn leaves.
Then on the 16th I take the car back to Navarra with my parents, and immediately (in theory) depart, by bus, back to Barcelona to study and wish some friends farewell.
Anyways, I do hope to be posting soon, and I have high hopes for these next two weeks... Starting... now.

Playlist: Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - Vampire Weekend.

(I don't normally put playlists- I normally find them pretencious- but I'm loving that song.)

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Johanna said...

Love that song :) i actually just listened to it! have fun in france :)