Wednesday, 19 August 2009

"100th" Post, and a celebration poem.

Selling sea shells...
by Felipe Alvarez de Toledo

Selling sea shells
Was she,
By the seashore

Was she
As tranquil as it seemed?
She pondered.

As tranquil as it seemed,
The waves roared on.
She pondered,
Staring into space.

The waves roared on,
Near the seashore.
Staring into space,
Selling sea shells.

I wrote this poem a year ago, and it resurfaced on my old (and abandoned) livejournal page. I actually miss writing on that. Dedicated to what was supposed to be my 100th post, but for some reason it looks like it's the 100 and first. Well, congratulations to my blog and thanks for everybody that reads it. No videos for a while because the computer broke (this means I can't finish my Extended Essay, either-- well, it means it will be thrice the work to finish it).

In other news, two Days until my birthday. Cannot wait, and my siblings still have not bought me presents. I think I'm going out to dinner with the family. Also, Flickr has surpassed 2,000 views. Now it's on the 2028th (see, I was saving this statistic for my 100th post...).

Have a few great final weeks of summer, everybody.


Ami said...

me acuerdo de ese poema jaja

Unknown said...

a mi me faltan 7 para las 200 :)

que lindo poema :)

Fluoxetina said...



te querría llamar.. pero buen :(
qué la pases rerere lindo, (aunque ya esté terminando)
cuidate :)