Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I guess that I just don't know.

I wish that I was born a thousand years ago. I wish that I'd sail the darkened seas on a great big clipper ship, going from this land here to that, in a sailor's suit and cap, away from the big city, where a man cannot be free of all the evils in this town, and of himself, and of those around.
The Velvet Underground, Heroin

Mmmgh I have to schedule 3 Extended Essay workdays before summer's over... No se, let me calculate. Tomorrow I have to do Chem, then on Thursday I have Chem class. Don't tell me it has to be Friday. Okay, so one on Friday, then Sunday and Monday? Sounds good. I could actually have fun, writing, eating chocolate and secretly entering facebook in my pajamas. Well, boxers and shirt. Ah, but I have gym before that! Well, I'll just strip off my pants.

Also, I'm taking a few pictures each time I go out this summer! Documenting the last few days of freedom. Doing so with my new lomo fisheye and my Olympus. Shall get them developed as soon as school starts. Could be fun :)


Fluoxetina said...

yo también tengo mucho para hacer
quiero morir :(
subí mi video :3

Blueejayway said...

flipppersssssssss fish eye! yo quiero tomar fotos con fisheyyyeee sooo cooooll !