Monday, 17 August 2009

Let me rant.

Bueno, de veras odio escribir en inglés, pero supongo que os debo un post y 6/8 de mis lectores son angloparlantes y no hablan castellano.

So yes. Let me start anywhere. Yesterday I talked to my English tutor from when I was in Argentina. Well, we chatted on msn is more correct, I reckon. She's in LA now, married to a 'bonaerense'. I'm actually really glad I talked to her, I didn't realise how much she's affected me and my life. You see, she was not only a tutor but also a friend. Her name's Tanisia, raised in LA (she went to school with one of the girls from full house! Jodie Sweetin, I believe?) and she's also lived in NY, and lived in Barcelona before I moved here. She told me how great this city was before I experienced it. But yes, she saw me grow up a lot in Argentina, and was always good to talk to. Yesterday it was the same. She listened to me on my doubts about being a doctor and just encouraged me to try it out, but she warned me that she took the same path and turned back. According to her an "artistic and adventurous mind" doesn't always want to give up the many dreams and options one has to live and breathe medicine.

She's truly great. It was really good to hear from her after so long. Also, my dad lets me have a tattoo, (I asked in a "...dilatory manner, as all children do, regarding every subject under the sun." -Camera Laye, The Dark Child) (I just quoted my summer reading). I started by mentioning K2, and he asked what she was getting and where. So I responded, and asked if he liked tattoos. He said "as long as they're discreet". Then I went straight to the point.

As for my intellectual growth, this summer I've seen a lot of movies, and read a lot of books, let's see if I can list a few. Well, just yesterday, or the day before that, I finished watching La Dolce Vita, movie that I started a year ago. In July I watched Life of Brian and Brokeback Mountain. I liked them both. I saw Schindler's List also, I caught it on TV. And, finally, I have to finish watching Giant (movie I also started watching a year ago) and Apocalypse now, which have been lent to me. And as for books, I finished off Wuthering Heights in France, and it is one of my personal favourites. Then on the bus back to Barcelona I got done with The Dark Child (quoted previously), and liked it quite a bit. This was a Summer Reading for English class. Another SR I had was Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, for TOK. I selected that myself, since we were allowed to choose. I really liked the book so as always, I chose well, but I fear any first-day-of-school surprise essays on the reading. I don't think I have analysed it sufficiently for that. Now I'm rereading The Old Man and the Sea and was eyeing a few poems by Antonio Machado, a Spanish poet.

Also, it looks like John Hughes died. This makes me sad. Bueno I really don't know what else to say. I was hoping this post would turn into a philosophical debate with myself, Socratic dialogue style, but it didn't. I'll save that for another day, and get my headache out of the way with some venting. However, it was nice making a list of the stuff I've done (I've also gone to France, and the beach a couple of times) and flaunting it a bit.

I love summer.


Allie said...

Wuthering Heights is my favorite book :)

Like Kafka On Prozac. said...

qué lindo :)
un poquitín melancólico, pero me encantó leerlo ajaj
ayer iba a firmar algo más pero se me cortó la luz y no me acuerdo D: