Friday, 21 August 2009


After a whole day of celebration, a day of pizzas in the afternoon, expensive restaurants at night, lomo cameras, posters and books and plastic hammers* for presents, one comes to realise that he's already grown up. But who's to say I can't enjoy a swingset or climb up a tree every once in a while?
Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially an adult.

* Ignacio actually went out and bought me a present: a hammer that makes noise when you bonk it. Haha, I do think, however, that it's what he thought I'd enjoy the most, because he was so enthusiastic about giving me his present. I love him.


Jamie Wang said...

:]] what a happy post.
always stay young at heart.

Unknown said...

qué tierno lo de nacho :)
me fijé la fecha a eso de las 9 de la noche y dije "PUTA, será todavía su cumpleaños allá?"
pero buen, me levanté de la mesa (estabamos cenando) corriendo a dejarte ese comentario por si acaso.
te quiero mucho felip, el adulto :)

Blueejayway said...

happy late bday nuevamente. no abuses de tu mayoria de edad

Johanna said...

aww, i love the plastic hammer :) you're brother really does seem to be the sweetest. so yes, omg, you're officially an adult! through all the fake id's away and you can use your real one :D congrats! hahaha. jkjk.

Unknown said...

hice un video blog pero no sé si ponerlo :B