Monday, 14 September 2009

Facebook stati (statuses).

Maria Bernaus is very very excited about Gossip Girl tonight
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You and Cecilia Winter like this.

Erica Moore: YAYY!!
same here im like ahhh hahaha
28 minutes ago

Helena Martinez: gossip girl? what channel? the cw?
28 minutes ago

Felipe Alvarez De Toledo: hahaahha
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Maria Bernaus: yes at 9. who are you helena martinez?
13 minutes ago

Felipe Alvarez De Toledo: it is I, in my alter-ego form.
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Felipe Alvarez De Toledo: (please note i'm kidding)
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Helena Martinez: eings? who is who? I'm lost. I don't know u, at least as far as I know, I was just wondering after seeing your status
5 minutes ago

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Sophie said...

aajajajjaaja qué maligno que sos!