Saturday, 26 September 2009

Life is too Important!

Cemetery Pere-Lachaise, the tomb of Oscar Wilde.


Ami said...

como la de marylin :)

Charlotte said...

Yo sé que este post va para mí. No tratés de ocultar nuestro amor, encriptándolo jajajajajja

A man who does not think for himself, doesn't think at all - O.W.

mhm, voy a poner una de fondo :3


Kaxu said...

felipee your new banner looks so nicee!!
i actually did take ur advice and i went out for a walk (and took the garbage with me so it was productive too ;)) haha
i think im just a generally unfocused person, although I am pleased with how my paper turned out.. we'll see what my tutor has to say about it though..
Anyway good luck with your tests this week, and no worries about the application, It'll be fine and dandyy