Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Way Back When

Time is ceasing to function,
Days are double their past length,
The road trip’s incomplete.
The hourglass has a leak,
Fuck this,
My memory is weak,
The mind is losing strength,
And way back then is merely
In rearview mirrors, reflections bleak.

I reckon that I should probably have been studying instead of writing this, but days are long and I just need a break... One last test to go....
I decided to write a poem, but it's strange that you always return to the same dark place, that you sort of think you feel was done with but know isn't, quite, not all the time. There's just places you can save yourself the visit to, or have to to keep on going.

(Oh, and the poem-- maybe not my best-- actually looks like a sandclock when you centre it, i thought that was cool) (although tacky).

Update: I centred it anyway.


Peperina said...

Yo también estuve escribiendo poemas y cuentos, e hice un ensayo sobre The Power and the Glory que es genial!
Me encantó la carta que escribiste en el otro post. La verdad congrats, me llegó.

Ami said...

me gusto mucho el poema y el hecho de que este centered no es tacky che

me gusta la foto de header

Like Kafka On Prozac. said...

iba a escribir lo mismo que puso amalia pero amalia ya lo escribió por mí :|

el captcha que me pide para firmar tu blog hoy es "rasin" la vez pasada me puso "putotu"