Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mercy, Mercè.

Hello, Upper East Siders.

Haha, just kidding.

Tomorrow is the eve before la Mercè, Barcelona's patron saint's day ( if that made any sense), which is a school holiday. Clearly, this ensues a party. So, with an asian dinner and the traditional forum reunion at hand, and with the whole senior class attending as a group, will things get interesting? Let's hope so.

I'm sorry I'm a little late,
I got your message, by the way.
I'm calling in sick today,
So let's go out, for old time's sake...
- The Noisettes, Never Forget You


Ami said...

esto es demasiado gossip girl.



Jamie Wang said...

how was la mercee?

and yes hopefully i will visit in winter, but im having issues decided. since ive heard things about a new years party. i wouldnt want to miss anything epic.
but still. i might ditch it and come see all youu. and be cold. hahahaha

Charlotte said...

espero que la hayas pasado bien... so you WILL have to tell me about IT, ok? or I'll blackmail you hahahahaha... just kidding :p
No sé porque te escribo en inglés. Conseguí trabajo... ahora traduzco páginas web del portugués al español e inglés, y no tengo la minima idea del portugués. GENIAL! jajajajaa
besos, my loverr jajajaja

Kaxu said...

hahaha that totally reminded me to watch gossip girl, thanks felipee :)